”All transgender people are alike”

In our community of trans folk, there are different walks of life. Just as in any other communities, some people are different and some people are alike.

While being out as trans for the past few years, I’ve met and chatted with a bunch of different trans people. Some that have had surgery, some that haven’t. Some that are on hormones, some who chose to transition naturally. Some that have 9-5 jobs, some that are still in high school. Some black, some white, Asian, Hispanic, and my list goes on and on. My point is the trans community is as diverse as any other community. We are not all the same.

To show you the way that we all differ within our community here are a few different examples:

Laverne Cox- actress, producer, LGBT activist

Aydian Dowling- (29) married, entrepreneur, vlogger, body builder, trans activist

Buck Angel- (44) adult film actor, producer, activist

Bobby- (29) sales representative, father, husband, writer

Malik- (26) family man, giver, care taker

Brendan- (25) server, entrepreneur, fitness oriented, Libra

Avery- (19) office clerk, dancer, metal head, bookworm

Samuel- (25) National registered paramedic, sport enthusiast, husband, doggy dad

Spencer- (35) student, photographer, bachelor

Jae- (41) health care worker, father, personal trainer, outdoor admirer, motivator

As you can see, many different ages, many different occupations, hobbies. While we are all different in our own ways, we all still have one common thing; is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Just because we are not cis, does not mean that we are not “manly” enough, or “womanly” enough. Can’t we just be humanly enough? We’re all human beings just wanting to live and be our own person.