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When we came out as bisexual and lesbian, we weren’t fully aware of the hassle we would receive regarding our sexuality.

Sadly for some reason, some of the male and female population think bisexuality/lesbianism means we are promiscuous, that a threesome is something of interest to us… which news flash; it’s not. 

Porn has made part of the LGBTQ+ community a fantasy to some individuals. Many guys fantasise about having experiences with lesbians because it’s been shown as amazing. If you fantasise about this… those girls won’t even look at you. They’re lesbians, not your sexual fantasy.

I have experienced this first hand with my girlfriend. We have to repeatedly tell others we are together, not in an open relationship, no we don’t want a dick pic and we definitely don’t want to have that ‘amazing’ threesome you’re banging on about.

I want to stress, I am not bashing the male population. I’m fully aware that the guys pestering and sexualizing us because of sexual orientation are a small percentage.

Sexuality isn’t there for an individual to sexualise, our sexuality is there for us to be able to express our views, personality, preferences and what makes you as a person. When sexualising someone’s sexuality, it’s demoralising to that individual and they may change something about themselves in order for it not to happen again.

Sexual objectification is NOT OK. I think the worst part about it all is the fact that some men will fantasise about lesbians for example and then be against LGBTQ+ rights and equality. They have the audacity to use them for their own sexual pleasure and to then think that they shouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else. Even worse – I have come across men who do this but yet are ‘grossed out’ and against gay men.

The practice of sexualizing a person for their sexual orientation and then discriminating against others within the LGBTQ+ community is morally wrong and disgusting.

Our sexuality is NOT there for anyone’s pleasure, it’s time people start treating others like human beings.

The Unite Team