Recently, I came across a blog post that stated homosexuality can be cured… I know. When I saw this floating around, I honestly was gobsmacked. How someone can believe that homosexuality can be cured is crazy. The answer is quite simply, no.

How can I say so confidently that it can’t be cured? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because homosexuality isn’t a disorder or disease, thus there is nothing to be cured. But obviously, we’ll get some moron claiming that we chose to be LGBTQ+ & that we are mentally ill. Which, they couldn’t be more wrong about.

What upsets me the most, is that there is therapy aimed at “changing” someone’s sexual orientation. It’s referred to as reparative, conversion or aversion therapy. Which includes such methods which in many countries have been banned, how it’s possible that this still exists is mind-blowing. Most recently, we have seen Brazil pass a law which allows conversion therapy to even be a thing.


What is the cure for homosexuality?

In a modern world, we should not be still experiencing homophobic opinions resulting in shocking results. We come across many individuals young & old all struggling to accept their sexuality or gender. In a world like today, we should not have to deal with this.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, we should be able to embrace it. But in some western countries, LGBTQ+ individuals are even killed due to their identity. Is this right? Definitely not. It’s heartbreaking that we can’t look past someone’s identity & we judge them due to this. In extreme cases, we get others trying to cure us.

As seen in Joshua’s story, he was manipulated into thinking that being homosexual is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with being who you are. We have to share & educate those who believe that homosexuality is a disease. There is nothing to cure, we aren’t sick. A lemsip isn’t going to cure my gayness, but education can cure homophobia.

If you’re reading this hoping for a cure. I’m sorry, I think I’ve wasted your time.There is no cure for homosexuality. We aren’t ill, we haven’t got disorders, we are gay. Does that make us any different to you? Apart from the fact we aren’t complete arseholes, no. The only cure to homophobia is education. So hunny, learn a thing or two.

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