Common Myths about being LGBTQ+

There are many myths about being LGBT+, today at Unite we are here to bust these myths and show you that they’re aload of rubbish!


  1. ‘Bisexuality is a phase’

It is often thought that bisexuals are just going through a phase. It’s time that people start realising and accepting that sexuality is fluid, it is like a spectrum and nobody should feel like they need to limit themselves to be attracted to just one gender. There are over 9 million LGBT people in the United States and more than half identify as bisexual, this proves that for more than half this ‘phase’ is ridiculous.


  1. ‘In an LGBTQ+ relationship, someone will take a masculine role while the other will take a feminine role’

This comes down to the ignorance of assuming gender roles. There are no guy and girl roles, some people think there are but realistically there is no need for there to be a ‘man’ and ‘woman’ role in a relationship. More importantly, once you yourself accept you and your partner for who you are and don’t try live up to these stereotypes, you will feel more comfortable with yourself. You don’t need to live according to someone else’s beliefs.


  1. ‘Being LGBTQ+ means you can’t be religious’

Although some religions/faiths still condemn being lesbian, gay or bisexual, lots of LGBT people are religious or follow the teachings of a religion. New research has shown that 48% of lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans identify as Christian, this is an increase from 42% in 2013. In addition to this, another 11% identified with faiths other than Christianity, mostly being Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu. It’s the 48 percent of LGBTQ Americans who are Christians who are best positioned to change both religious attitudes about same-sex marriage. As LGBTQ Christians continue to find their voice, they’ll be changing both their churches and the LGBTQ community for the better.


  1. ‘Transgender people pose a threat in public bathrooms’

According to a study, a shocking 70% of trans people have been assaulted/harassed or denied access when attempting to use a public bathroom.  The ‘Bathroom Bills’ make it illegal for transgender people to use the bathrooms that conform to their gender identity. The only group that the Bathroom Bills puts in danger is the transgender group. There have been no reported cases of such laws leading to harassment and we need more of this to make the trans community feel safe wherever they are.


  1. ‘Gay men are more promiscuous’

Many people seem to think that gay men sleep around more than anyone else. In fact, there is only a one percent difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals in their promiscuity: 98% of gay people have had 20 or fewer sexual partners whereas 99% of straight people have had the same number. About 50% of gay people report never having had a “one-night stand”. This figure is probably equivalent to the percentage of heterosexuals. This backs up the fact that this accusation is merely a myth.

And there we go, 5 myths busted! Don’t always believe what you see in the news and media. But more importantly do not listen to anyone who disrespects the LGBT community. Lets stay strong through this hard time.

The Unite Team