Do I Need To Label My Sexuality

Sexuality is a complex subject and I see a lot of individuals struggling to ‘fit in’ because they feel like they need to choose a sexuality. It’s important when looking at topics as such, that people will always have different opinions and we have to respect them all.

My sexuality doesn’t need to conform to society’s expectations and a lot of individuals share the same opinion as me. Because of the complexity of the topic, I have gathered views and opinions of role models in the LGBT+ community, with this we can see how sexuality labels have effected us all.


Aislinn‘s views and opinions on sexuality:

Although I identify as lesbian, I would much rather I didn’t have one. I only have a label to make things a bit easier in society.

Lesbian is the ‘label’ that would most describe me but at the same time it makes me feel limited. Humans are humans regardless of gender, we as a species can appreciate beauty in any form, including all genders. Being branded a lesbian in my case, confuses me when I can simply see that a man for example is attractive. But we forget that it is simply appreciating aesthetics.

Sexuality is so fluid, it’s impossible to define. It’s like labeling yourself with one mood – happy, sad, excited? How ridiculous would that be, because it’s not one defined thing.

We’re all just people loving people, because people are beautiful, not genders.

Our fellow blogger CHILD OF CYNICISM views on sexuality can be found on her blog . Go give it a read, it highlights many of the issues facing sexuality labels and we want to thank her for getting involved!

We are super excited to announce our recent collaboration with Aspyn & Mica, they have created a YouTube video expressing their thoughts and feelings on sexuality labels. Please go check their views out!

Another Youtuber that has gotten involved is Sebastian, he shared his amazing thoughts and feelings on sexuality labels.

We are also really excited to annouce KDandthecity’s recent colaboration. Their recent video covered some topics within sexuality labels. As well as that, here is some advice they have given to those who are going through a stressful time.

When we first got together, we were hesitant to tell our families about one another. Maybe some of it came from fear of acceptance, but mostly it came from fear of the unknown. Since revealing our relationship and sexual preferences to our families we learned everyone has different responses, which was a very eye opening experience.

Through sharing our story more and more, we have found that our relationship with each other and our friends have become closer and grown so much deeper. And since becoming more outspoken about our sexuality and our right to love, the support and respect we have found in the wider LGBTQ community means so much more now than it ever did before.

When all is said and done our takeaway from our ongoing journey together is this: Sexuality is messy, it’s complicated, and it’s deeply personal. The best you can do is to just be you. Many people will try and tell you who you are. Sometimes it’s out of misplaced love, and sometimes it’s out of misplaced hate. But truly none of that matters.

Let yourself be yourself. Find a support system—be it in your friends, your family, your partner(s), or the vibrant global LGBTQ community that live in your community and on social media—and add your voice. No two queers are the same, and everyone’s experience has equal right to be shared.

With Love and Respect
K and D

These amazing inviduals are all helping us unite the LGBT+ community. Sexuality is something that is always going to be around us, it’s how you decide to deal with it, is most important for your well being.

Unite UK want to say a big thank you to all of our submissions and we can’t wait for what the future holds for us!

The Unite Team