Jess’s Story


Coming out is never easy so we would like to thank  Jess for sharing this amazing insight into her coming out story.

I knew I had feelings for girls when I was around 6 years old. My sisters would have their friends around at the house and I would find anyway possible to be in the room with them just to see the girls I was literally obsessed with girls. When I was growing up and watching movies the girls on screen were the only thing that interested me. In secondary school I found it very hard to be myself as I went to an all girls school and got bullied for being different.. well people say different I say Unique.

I was lost in school and got peered into being in a relationship with a guy from all my mates.Then I fell in love with a girl in the same school as myself and honestly since I let that happen and love the person I wanted to live my life just felt better.

I was happy and she gave me reason to smile. She made me realise that love is love and to be happy and proud of who I am. She made me more confident and since that relationship I have never looked back.

Coming out then seemed easy and I told my mum , she simply just said sure we all knew you were gay.. and hugged me and I never felt so loved.

You think people will judge you, but honestly to all the young people waiting to come out to family or friends , they love you and you will honestly surprise yourself.

People can change lives, & your lives will change once you begin to love yourself & be happy in your skin. Love is love  💯🌈

Jess highlights a major point, that your family and friends will love you matter what. Be you and the world will love you, because after all there is nobody like you, and you are perfect.

The Unite Team

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