Steve’s Story

This amazing story brought a tear to the Unite Team’s eye. Thank you Steve for sharing this eye-opening story.

Hi there,

I was born in a Christian family, although I don’t blame Christianity as I still am a Christian. At the time we were warned against AIDS and told we could catch it when we sat on a toilet seat. Seems very strange and sad now but that’s what governments told us then.

I had a boyfriend at 14, I didn’t realise it then but now I realise that’s what he was. This was my first experience. It was fun but scarey. The next few years I had few friends who set my heart racing, they were stunning yet I thought it was dirty and wrong. This went on for thirty years.

Eventually I broke down, partly ย due to my low esteem, partly PTSD from work. I struggled with eating disorders and partly depression. I started looking at guys again, I loved my wife and family but I couldn’t think what really was the issue. I got the PTSD under control and was medicated for the depression but there was still something. It was my GP who said to me there was something else. I couldn’t work out what until I really realised I fancied men. I still found my wife hot and fancied other women but men were… very cute. I spoke to a friend who helped me realise that we were all different and it was normal to find guys as well as women hot. It was what made me, me! I came to realise that everything I had felt for the last 35 years was what made me. There was nothing wrong with it, it was just the way I was made.

This may be rambling but I became happy that I was bisexual. I love my wife and I wouldn’t leave her or have an affair with anyone but I also realised that what I had felt for years was ok. The beauty within guys and women was the same and the emotion I felt was nothing to do with women or men but it was down to the individual. It seemed to right all the feelings from my life and it was the last piece in the jigsaw.

Over night I found myself happy with myself.

I’m married, a Christian, a father and bisexual. Life is good. Please share this if it can help anyone and ask any questions you like.

This is me

This story really outlines the importance of being true to yourself.

We want to say a massive thank you to Steve for sharing this story.

The Unite Team

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