Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships have become more common with the increase of online platforms to meet new exciting people. This posts shows the highs and lows of long distance relationships from a personal aspect.

For privacy reasons we won’t be sharing names.

November 2014, I was using a lesbian dating app called ‘Dattch’, which these days is better known as ‘HER’. After recently coming out I was scared to meet girls in person, so online seemed less daunting. After weeks of small talk, I was soon to give up as I couldn’t seem to connect with anyone.

This all changed when I saw this amazingly beautiful girl, which I had to message straight away. Luckily she replied shortly after and we hit it of, within weeks I was falling deeply in love without even knowing. The only thing that was worrying me was that she lived over 300 miles away.

When you think of the distance from the UK to Ireland, it’s nothing drastic. But after two trains, a flight and 3 bus journeys just to see her, it became a real issue. This was something we were going have to face for nearly two years of our lives.

The first time we met was on my 18th birthday and I can never forget how nervous I was. With her plane being 20 minutes late, it felt like I had been standing on my own for ages. Shaking like crazy, with a bunch of flowers specially picked out she finally came out into the arrivals lounge. This was the first time ever I had seen her in person, the feeling is indescribable. I nervously hid from her, but she tracked me down.

From this day we saw each other once a month, sometimes going for 3-4 months without seeing each other. Considering some long distance relationships, we were lucky to see each other this often. But it got harder each time to leave, it got to the stage where it would effect us both and at that point we realised something had to change otherwise it couldn’t work.

After many arguments and tearful conversations we finally decided one of us had to move countries to pursue our relationship. This was a hard decision as one of us had to leave our family behind.

In September 2016, this scary transition for us both happened. She left Ireland behind and moved to the UK, for me. This crazy thought had became a reality, we now live in the same country and see each other every week. From nothing to everything it’s a hard transition, for me personally I love my own space. So it was hard for both of us to adapt.

But 4 months down the line, it’s the best thing we could have ever done. That part of me is complete and I no longer have to wish she was here, because she is. The future is ours and we can now plan to start a family of our own.

If you truly love someone who lives miles and miles away, don’t give up on it because it’s worth the heart ache. One day you will be able to hold your love and never have to let go.

The Unite Team