Dan’s Story


Dan’s story is truly inspirational, we would like to thank Dan for sharing this amazing story with us.

My name is Dan, I am 18 years old and from Birmingham. I’ve suffered a lot of issues with my gender and sexuality. I was also confused with who I was as a person.

Initially I thought I was a gay male that liked to wear makeup. But something didn’t feel right. I liked wearing girls clothes too and going out like that and that’s when I thought I was transgender and changed my name to Michelle and got referred to a gender clinic.

But on the other hand, I couldn’t see myself fully transitioning and I got some support, I finally found who I really am and discovered I am genderqueer. I have 3 names. Dan which is my birth name and Dani/Danielle as my female name.
My parents still don’t know about me being genderqueer. I’m scared of telling them. But a lot of my friends know. I get hate for it which resulted in me having mental health issues, but have settled down. I’ve got a job as a lifeguard and I’m settling down with someone.

For me it is about being true to who you are. Be positive and be who you are.

Thank you Dan for sharing this story with us.

Thanks to The Unite Team, Dan has now come out to more of his friends. We are 100% behind Dan and we wish him all the best in the Birmingham marathon.

The Unite Team

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