Anna’s Story 

Thank you Anna for sharing your great story!

Coming out has always felt to me like something I was never going to do. I thought about it a lot, most of the time actually, but the thought completely freaked me out and made me feel totally uncomfortable. Going through school, I think trying to balance everything on top of my sexuality made me become a bit more withdrawn than some of my peers, but I think it did me good to be an independent kid who liked to go off into my thinking zone.

After leaving school, going through college and starting my first real job, I really matured as a person and also discovered (LGBT) YouTubers. I started following those brave people and they helped me to start accepting myself and at times feel really good about myself for being a lesbian.

I developed an attitude of ‘I don’t care what others think, at least I can love someone’, and at the age of 18 began coming out. I started with my small circle of friends who were all completely of the ‘I knew’ response and all so cool about it. I then told my Mum, she sort of guessed anyway prior to me telling her but I think actually hearing it was a little bit of a dissapointment but as years have gone on she has got a lot more understanding and has always supported me. I then told my sisters, who were great.

Coming out now feels so natural to me. I just drop it casually, like ‘this girl is really attractive’. I don’t need to formally sit everyone down. I’ve learned that it is better to go through life making decisions for yourself and taking plenty of alone time to make those decisions. I love living life for me and not for anyone else.I now have my own LGBT advice YouTube channel and blog, and love offering my story to those who feel like listening.

Anna’s story highlights to be yourself and to make every second count. Anna is truly amazing and thank you for sharing your inspirational story!

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The Unite Team

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