Karishma’s Story

Thank you to Karishma for sharing this amazing story.

My name’s Karishma and I came out at 13 years old. I started to get feelings for women at the age of 10 and I told my mum about it but she told me that I’m too young to understand… at the age of 12, reaching 13 I came out bisexual unsure of my sexuality… at 13 I came out lesbian because I was sure that my feelings for men just wasn’t there at all. One day during school I told a friend of mine (we all belonged in a massive friendship group of 5 including myself).

My friend then went onto tell me to tell the others in the group that I’m a lesbian. One of the girls in the group always stirred trouble and when she found out, she told everyone at school and I started to experience homophobia from the year above me as well as my own year, at that time I was the only lesbian in my year.. I was getting people shouting “HA GAAAYYY” and “LESBIAN”, having whispers about me every time I walk into a classroom to.. hearing the words “DYKE” everywhere… having “Karishma is gay” written in school toilets. By the time this was happening I had already told my Mum I was a lesbian and she practically guessed it, she’s so accepting of it and I’m so happy right now with how far I’ve come in life, having my first pride at 13 was so exciting – celebrating being myself!

I would say to anyone living in fear of coming out that you should come out and be proud! Whether it’s because of religion, race etc.. just do it! I’m a Hindu, Indian myself and I’ve met other lesbians that are Indian. I’ve even met gay Muslims! Please come out and be proud of who you are.

Karishma shows to be yourself no matter what!

The Unite Team

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