Sammi’s Story


Sammi was kind enough to share her story that hopefully will inspire others.

I have always known I was attracted to girls. When I was 12 I decided to identify as bisexual so I could have choices. Then i accidently came out to my Mother, by posting i have an amazing girlfriend on Facebook.

She didn’t accept me and my parents cussed me out and told me that I am not a lesbian and to ‘stop all this crap’. I was bullied at school, from the ages 12-18. I was always worried that someone in my school would find out about my sexuality. I would always feel like I should identify as a lesbian, because I never really was attracted to guys.

Recently i have come out as a lesbian and my battle is finally over. I now have an amazing girlfriend who helped me come out and has supported me immensely. As well as both my best friends, who have helped me along the way.

I am still affraid to come out to my family as i am scared they will throw me out. Certain family members aren’t very supportive regarding the LGBT+ community, but this doesn’t stop me. I am so happy as identifying as a lesbian.

We then asked Sammi; What advice would you give to someone going through the same situation as yourself?

I would tell them to stay strong. Try find someone to trust, maybe a friend or relatives to share how they feel. Everything one day will get better.

We want to thank Sammi for sharing her amazing story, she isn’t alone and we support her 100% here at Unite.

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