Joshua’s Story4abf39b6-3d96-41af-97c9-74692dabd42c

Joshua has a different story to most, we are happy that he has shared this inspirational story with us here at Unite.

Hi my name is Josh, I’m a sixteen year old pansexual cisgender boy from Ohio and this is the story of my transition from being a stereotypical conservative to who I am today.

For the majority of my life I hadn’t really cared about anything LGBT, I was entirely neutraltowards everyone and I based my opinions of people based on my experiences with them rather than going off stereotypes and all that. Around the time I was 13/14 I began to be homophobic.

Going to  religious private schools, it put me around others who were homophobic, both teachers and students. These people manipulated me mentally eventually causing me to be homophobic.

Depressed, and just overall mentally in anguish. When I was a freshman I ran into an issue, I realized I’ve been attracted to both boys and girls for years, but I was also still being manipulated and in a homophobic environment, this caused me to be mentally in turmoil until near the end of 10th grade.

Around that time I had started messaging other LGBT individuals I had met on various social media, and they encouraged me to explore who I really am, not who my homophobic classmates and teachers want me to be.


I started doing that and I stopped being who my manipulators wanted me to be. After being openly pansexual and liberal for a few weeks my depression and anxiety had already improved significantly, as well as my self confidence.

And so the message I’m trying to put out here with this story is that we should be open about ourselves, we should block out those who try to manipulate us, and we should try to help others understand us.

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