Abby’s Story


Abby was kind enough to share her story with Unite.

We asked Abby, ‘What was it like to come out?’

When i was realising who I was, I was scared. I didn’t tell anyone for a while until i decided to come out to my close friends. They were supportive.ย 

However people found out and some people thought i was confused. I thought I was for a while to be honest. Then afterward I thought “This is me. I have to accept that”. I started coming out to more people and I felt free and happy, I started joining LGBT+ groups and even started my LGBT+ page’.

What advice would you give to someone who is going through the same?

‘I would say to come out when YOU are ready. If you are confused or unsure, you can talk to one of your close friends, you can also talk to teachers.’

Abby shows that it’s important to be who you are, we would like to thank Abby for sharing her story. If you are going through the same as Abby, ย talk to one of us here at Unite, we will do our best to help you.

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