Unite U.K. Who are we? What are we? Hopefully questions we answer within this blog post.

Unite U.K. was founded to help those who don’t have the support, to help those through hard times. We hope to make individuals realise they are part of a loving and caring community.

We are based in the U.K. but our love travels globally. We don’t claim to be professional councillors. What we are is someone to talk to when you are down, to provide advice we have found that works. We are a gate way into this amazing community for those who are wary to embrace it.

No matter your age, gender, sexuality, religion, we are here to unite you and help you embrace yourself.

What are you to expect to find on our webpage?

  • We hope to provide inspirational stories of real life people who have gone through coming out themselves
  • 24/7 help and advice
  • Brand new up and coming events and news within the community
  • Special offers on amazing brand new companies we have gained access to just for our readers